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Located at the crossroads between the Pearl River and the South China Sea, Hengqin New Area, established in 2009 by the Chinese government will develop as a new city center in the next five to ten years, spearheading in-depth cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

The entire Hengqin New Area was carefully planned out to be a city of the future by utilizing seven main industries – leisure and tourism, business services, financial services, cultural and creative industries, traditional Chinese medicine and health preservation, research and development in education and technology, and new technology.

The island is also designed to represent four key concepts, being an “Open Island” (with connection to Hong Kong and Macau), a “Dynamic Island” (prosperous and adequate both for living and to explore business), an “Island of Wisdom” (filled with information and knowledge) and an “Ecological Island” (energy saving and environmentally friendly).

Covering all of this and more, Hengqin Record aims to provide our readers with the latest news, information and developments from Hengqin, with a dose of news from the surrounding Greater Bay Area thrown in for good measure. If the government introduces an important new policy, if a key new building is announced, if an attraction opens, we’ll tell you about it.

Published each week in both English and Traditional Chinese, Hengqin Record is targeted toward readers in Macau and Hong Kong to provide insights into what Hengqin is and where it is going. Hengqin Record features articles on business, infrastructure, society, property, the economy, lifestyle, leisure and more.

Hengqin Record is comprised of four main categories. “Society” highlights notable people, arts, culture and living. “Business” examines key companies, business initiatives and the Hengqin economy. “Experience” provides insights into food and beverage, entertainment and places to enjoy. Finally, “Places” explores the most iconic and important buildings and locations that will propel Hengqin into the future.

Despite being just a stone’s throw away, many Macau residents aren’t familiar with the many developments quickly unfolding on Hengqin, and how those developments might affect Macau and the wider Greater Bay Area in the future. 

The Hengqin Record will fill those gaps.

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